Date: 19th June 2024

Posted by: Daniel Lay Team

Everything You Need to Know About Event Decorators

Event decorations refer to the colour, appearance, furnishing, and lighting incorporated into an event to make the venue and event beautiful and outstanding. Event decorators select which of these physical elements will work best with your event and its theme.

Some event decorators focus on the venue, some on personal styles and décor, and others on planning and designing all aspects of the event from start to finish. Event decorators are also known as event stylists, wedding designers, or wedding stylists.

Event decoration is really a tough job because you have to actually bring someone’s imagination to life. Your client basically imagines how their event should be and being an event decorator you have to ensure that you provide them with the best service and satisfy their desires.

So for that purpose, Daniel Lay Event Services focuses especially on the client’s satisfaction and fills the gap between imagination and reality. In this detailed blog, you will get to know everything about our services and responsibilities.

What is the Main Role of an Event Decorator?

The primary role of a designer or an event decorator is to transform a plain venue into something beautiful and unique. They can only do this by liaising with their clients, developing insight into their likes, feelings, and insecurities to present an event that embodies a sense of realization of the ideas presented by the client.
Event designers need to be on their toes from the time the guest begins arriving till the heady day ends. They have to ensure the beautification of the ambiance and ensure the event is going on without any hitches. They would have to coordinate with concerned people for the décor of the event, which means ensuring that lighting and furniture happen effortlessly and much more.

What Aspects Do Event Decorators Focus On?

Event decorators utilize many creative techniques to develop memorable and aesthetically delightful designs for the events they are given. They expertly combine many different elements to create unique ambiances that balance the theme of the occasion. These elements include the following:

  • Venue: the physical space of the event determines the overall design, seating arrangement, décor, and mobility of the guests.
  • Colours: colours add life and vitality to the event and also set the overall tone of the event.
  • Textures and Patterns: textures and patterns generate visual interest and diversity in the décor. They also help guide guests through spaces such as pathways and hallways.
  • Essential Items: these include chairs, tables, sofas, and other furniture items that must be strategically placed at the venue so that the movement of the guests is not disturbed.
  • Accessories: these include decorative centre-pieces, chandeliers, flower arrangements, balloons, streamers, and anything else that adds fun, glitz, and glamour to the event.
  • Lighting: lighting helps create the desired atmosphere and can be modified according to the current mood as the event progresses.

What Services Do Event Decorators Provide?

Planning and designing events is a very strategic and creative job. Simply having good taste in colours and textures or a background in design isn’t enough to venture into the event planning business. Event decorators need to have a keen eye for detail and essential skills such as time management, commitment, and leadership qualities. In addition, they need to work closely with different clients and understand their specific goals and styles. Only then will the event be seamlessly successful.
Some of the services an event decorator provides are as follows:

  • Creating a basic plan and design for the event. For large-scale events, this can also include sketches or drawings laying out the entrance, seating arrangement, catering arrangement, décor, etc.
  • Estimating a design budget for the client after discussing in detail everything they want to add to the plan. This is negotiable and the event decorator can work with the client to agree to something that falls within their budget without compromising the aesthetic and quality of the event.
  • Contacting and arranging meetings with vendors to implement the design plan. For example, the event décor team, the catering team, the florists, the party supplies team, the sound/lighting team, etc. Moreover, event designers need to coordinate all these teams throughout the planning, execution, and installation processes and ensure everything is approved by the client.
  • Sourcing major event design elements such as furniture, props, fabrics, decorations, invitations, etc.
  • Hiring additional staff (if necessary) to ensure everything is executed smoothly and timely.

What Services Do Event Decorators Provide

How Much Do Event Decorators Charge?

There is no fixed rate for event decorators. How much a professional event decorator charges for an event typically depends on three main factors, which are:

  • The type and size of the event (birthday, wedding, corporate meeting, etc.)
  • The time of the event (peak season events usually cost more)
  • The number of decorations requested by the client
  • Any additional services required (staff, florists, catering, music, etc.)

Pricing Structures

In addition, event decorators have different formats when it comes to charging clients. The most common pricing structures are:

  • Flat Fee: This implies that the event designer charges a fixed rate for every task or event.
  • Daily Rate: In this case, the event decorator is given a fee based on the days he/she takes to arrange and preside over the event.
  • Hourly Rate: This is the option where the clients agree to pay the event decorator based on the total number of working hours spent on the event’s planning and actualization.
  • Packages: Experienced event decorators offer packages to clients. They have daily/hourly packages designed specifically for weddings, birthdays, business launches, etc. These packages combine certain services and offer them at a discounted price.

What Education Do You Need to Become an Event Decorator?

Technically, you would not require formal education or training to be a professional event decorator. What you need is the creativity, an eye for detail, contact with suppliers and vendors alike, and the skill sets described above. Consider earning yourself a diploma or certificate in design or event management, event decoration, marketing, or management in hospitality. This would increase your knowledge and increase your reputation as an event designer.
On the other hand, these certifications will place you above other businesses. This means that you can have a slightly higher charge for the services offered on the grounds of credential value.

Still, the most valuable resource for an event decorator is hands-on experience, especially for a novice event designer. They must intern/assist a veteran designer for/with at least a handful of events. This has the benefit of superior hands-on experience of the industry and marketplace to learn whether this is the most suitable occupation for them.

Choosing an Event Decorator: The Essentials Check-List

Before choosing a designer to bring your event’s vision to life, check for these essential must-haves in their event decorating business:

Eye for Detail

Ideally, event designers are gifted with creativity and an exceptional vision. They pay attention to their clients, and in addition, they do not just respond to the requirements, but they ensure that they organize an event that will assist the clients to gain a competitive edge. They tend towards the more subtle things that a client can connect with on an emotional level and try to go out of their way to create the most memorable experience.

Contacts with Vendors for Professional Equipment

The right equipment is what makes an event successful. This includes furniture, décor, centrepieces, linens, etc. Event managers must have connections with local wholesale suppliers and different vendors who can provide well-maintained equipment that is also within your budget. Moreover, having a variety of vendors to choose from gives you multiple options, and the freedom to choose items that will make your event stand out.

Contacts with Vendors for Professional Equipment

Transportation and Storage Facilities

Safely storing your supplies and transporting them to your event on the big day is a vital asset every event decorator must have. Be it a storage unit, a truck, or a van, professional event decorators must have adequate arrangements to safeguard your supplies till the end of your event.

An Established Price List

Reputable event decorators must have an established price list for their services. This helps in staying organized and ensuring that clients know exactly how much each event costs including the main supplies and any additional items.

Well-Constructed Contracts

Professional event decorators have well-drafted contracts for each of their events. These highlight all the legal requirements, commitments, payment details, and contingency measures that need to be agreed upon by the client before they can start planning the event.
Moreover, reliable event decorators will provide receipts for all their expenses to the client. They will also keep a record themselves so that everything can be accounted for when it’s payment time.

Good Reviews

Last but not least, are reviews. These can be obtained from their website, social media sites, online review websites, or in person from family and friends. Reviews can help analyse an event decorator’s reliability, customer dealing, prices, commitment to quality, and time management.

Final Thoughts

Event decoration is all about bringing someone’s idea into power. It requires time, effort, ideas, and some contact with people who are to provide material resources. In this regard, event designers must effectively be able to grasp the needs and aspirations of their clients to help them carry out the event to perfection.
Daniel Lay Event Services’ event planning services can be magnificent, well-organized, and exceptional. A fantastic wedding decoration, birthday party, corporate meeting, or any other celebration is highly achievable with our expert supplies and options for decoration and planning. Whatever the occasion, we face it confidently through our team of experts.

Are you planning an event soon? Contact Daniel Lay Event Services today, and plan an event to remember!