Date: 28th May 2024

Posted by: Daniel Lay Team

Why Event Marketing Is Important to Your Event’s Success

How is your event marketing plan going when you’ve got an important business event? If all goes well, this event could be a powerful means of building your brand, engaging your target audience, and driving your sales up high!

With event marketing, your marketing strategy will have a much larger impact. If you’re still unconvinced, learn more about event marketing and its link to a company’s success.

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is a marketing tactic that is gaining more popularity with time. The events industry is worth billions of dollars, and most businesses are involved in corporate and branded events.

While the exact nuances of event marketing may differ among various organizations, the concept involves promoting products and/or services through events like trade shows, workshops, conferences, etc. In a nutshell, event marketing creates an experience that attracts and engages your target audience. You gain more potential customers and a more recognized brand name by building these connections and relationships.

Your event marketing might take many forms. It could be a simple presentation in the morning, a large conference, or a multi-day event involving games, activities, competitions, etc. Some companies choose to go for online events, webinars, or sponsored events to promote their profile. The marketing process starts well before the event and might continue post-event as well.

What is Event Marketing?

Top Reasons to Develop Event Marketing for Your Company

Wondering why you should pay attention to event marketing for your event? Here are just a few reasons that may help you get on track:

1. Create Awareness

The first motive of most event marketing strategies is to get the brand seen and experienced by prospective customers. Whether you have an in-person or an online event, you’re using event marketing to get the word out. However, statistics show that more than 90 percent of consumers feel more influenced by live events than TV ads.

With an event, you capture your audience’s attention and attract other prospects. Everyone at the event knows these things at the very least:

  • Your brand name
  • What products or services you’re selling
  • Your mission behind selling it

In short, it’s the perfect setup to make others love and get familiar with your brand. The next time someone hears your brand name, they’re likelier to pick it out of a crowd of competitors.

2. Increase Advocacy for Your Brand

According to marketing statistics, most event attendees state that they usually view a product, service, or overall brand more positively after attending an event by these names. Here are some reasons why this is so:

  • If people enjoyed the event, they’re going to think about the brand more positively.
  • Events are a way to exceed expectations from your target audience; by going the extra mile, your brand name might get more positive associations and familiarity.
  • People are going to create memories at the event by taking pictures, vlogging, and so on.
  • Events also demonstrate the more human and personal side of a company.
  • The activities and in-person meetings help customers develop an affinity with the brand that can last for several years.

Increase Advocacy for Your Brand

3. Lead Development

Events are the perfect way to develop and generate more leads. Eventually, we may hope that these will translate into more sales for your brand. Here are some steps to help you in this aspect:

  • Start collecting email addresses when hosting an event, even virtual. In return for this information, you may offer an incentive like a competition, prize draw, or shoutout.
  • With an in-person conference, you may ask attendees to fill in their names and email addresses before entering.
  • You may require email addresses at a virtual event before anyone is granted access.
  • The email addresses will give you direct access to a large chunk of your intended target audience.

4. Introduce a New Product or Service

A company event gives you several effective moments for engaging and connecting with customers. Sometimes, even loyal customers are unaware of new products from a certain company. Along with advertisers and social media campaigns, your event marketing strategy can contain the following useful tools:

  • A personal connection between the customer and the company
  • A chance to educate the customers about the new products and/or services
  • A more engaging experience than a short TV commercial or social media ad (the audience can’t change the channel, go away from the content, or scroll past the ads)
  • Higher chances of the customer purchasing the product after the live event

5. Establish Relationships and Develop Connections

While businesses want customers to purchase their goods and services, customers usually think on another level. According to some marketing experts like Seth Godin, people will mostly consider the stories, relationships, and connections that revolve around a brand’s experience. Here’s what events offer in terms of establishing and developing positive relationships with the audience:

  • Event marketing and events will help build positive relationships with potential and existing customers.
  • Existing customers will be reminded of what attracted them to the brand in the first place, which will strengthen their connection with your business.
  • Potential customers will experience the brand without having to make a purchase first; even if they don’t decide to buy a product or service at the event, they will remember the brand name for the next purchasing decision.
  • Businesses can hold specific events that focus mainly on their clients and prospects, letting customers know how much you appreciate and value their patronage.
  • Live, virtual, and hybrid events are all useful for increasing awareness about a business and promoting its products and/or services.

Advertisements and marketing make a certain brand stand head and shoulders above the rest. For instance, Huda Beauty is the success story of a strong woman doing what she loves and building a billion-dollar empire. Along with the makeup quality, these cosmetics line also sell due to the story and magic built around it.

Bottom Line

Event marketing is an effective tool for any business that wants to increase its connection with its target audience, generate more leads, and increase brand recognition. If you use event marketing strategies properly, your company will be more likely to foster valuable connections, reach new groups, and even foster an emotional attachment with certain customers.

With competition increasing in almost every industry, event marketing is a great way of standing out. It’s one of the best means of maximizing a marketing budget and getting the most value in the long term. Every event must be enjoyable and linger in attendees’ memories to stay effective. Think outside the box and start planning your next event today!