Date: 20th May 2024

Posted by: Daniel Lay Team

4 Engagement Party Ideas for Couples

Your engagement period is a momentous milestone that marks the beginning of a new life chapter. It’s also the harbinger of lots of planning, research, and preparation for that all-important day: your wedding! 

However, before the actual wedding planning, many couples like to throw a more informal event: the engagement party. It allows them to enjoy this time, make memories, and celebrate the commitment with their close friends and family.

Are you ready to start planning an engagement party but have no idea where to start? The following party ideas can help jumpstart that thought process!

Top Engagement Party Ideas

Having a decent party idea can streamline the rest of the planning process. When you’re in charge of planning and hosting an engagement party, the following ideas can inspire your thoughts!

1.  A Foodie Experience

Are the bride and groom foodies? Does their guest list have people who support this passion? If so, you have a range of food-related themes to choose from! Here are some points to consider when having a foodie-themed engagement party:

  • Decide between a buffet-style or sit-down theme for the party (for large numbers, it’s best to have a self-serve buffet with staff to keep everything in control).
  • If you’re on a tight budget, consider asking friends to bring a dish each. It can result in a sumptuous buffet with something for everyone!
  • Try organizing a tea party with retro vibes, delicious confections, and several tea flavors to keep things interesting.
  • Hold food-themed competitions such as cookie or cake decorating, fruit cutting, and more! 
  • This might be the perfect time to start testing wedding cakes; ask the baker to send some samples or order different ones yourself. This way, everyone can put in their two cents about which cake flavor is best.
  • Think about other themes in reaction to food, like a sushi bar, a private chef, etc.
  • Make sure to keep everyone’s dietary restrictions and preferences in mind. The couple’s choices are the most important, but it’s common courtesy to have a vegan/vegetarian option and perhaps a kosher option (depending on who’s invited).

Hosting a delicious meal is a classic theme for any major party. You can change things by providing unique meal options, including breakfast for dinner, a chocolate fountain, or a DIY sundae bar. Start brainstorming now and take ideas from the couple and any other foodie attending the party.

2.  Celebrate the Season

The engagement party’s timing can inspire you for the event. We’ve heard of Christmas in July parties, but why not celebrate the ongoing season? Here are some ideas to get the gears working:

  • If you plan to celebrate the engagement in the summer, have a BBQ party. It will probably be an informal affair, with backyard games, traditional BBQ food like burgers and hotdogs, or some kebabs to change things up. Throw in a cooler full of chilled drinks, and you have a memorable, fun-filled party that everyone will remember!
  • The summer season also gives you room to plan a beach engagement party. Perhaps rent a marquee, organize water games, and enjoy the waves along with some gorgeous photo ops.
  • Some couples might prefer a winter-themed party with hearty food, crackling fireplaces, and winter greenery for decoration. This can be a formal or casual event, depending on the requirements and budget.
  • Spring offers a variety of options as well; you can choose to have a forest-like decor with bright colors in the decor. Have the guests weave garlands for themselves or get professionals to do something similar.
  • The ideas don’t stop when it comes to fall or autumn; think about harvest-themed centerpieces, food inspired by Thanksgiving menus, and cozy details like candles, pine cones, and colorful leaves everywhere.

3.  An Outdoor Experience

If the weather is fine enough, why not take the whole party out of doors? Everyone’s usually cooped up in their homes, offices, or other places. It’s the perfect chance to get  fresh air and mingle with your close social circle. Have a look at some ideas that might work for an engagement party:

  • Pack a picnic and head off to the nearest park or a private garden for  casual outdoor fun! You may want to make it more special by hiring professionals for the setup, but a picnic blanket, picnic tables, food, and people are all required. Again, you can cut costs by making it a picnic potluck. If you have kids invited, they would love to run free and play on nearby swings. Make sure some games are planned; bring some Frisbees, water balloons, a ball, etc.
  • A bonfire creates a lovely, cozy atmosphere, so why not utilize it for your party? You can have sing-alongs, hot drinks, and even toast marshmallows. Everyone can write down and read out their thoughts about the couple, someone can play the guitar, and the fun will never end until you want it to
  • You can also take things a bit further and make it a whole camping trip, with tents or RVs to spend the night in. You’ll make unique memories while having adventures, playing fun games, and not worrying about getting home before sunrise. 

4. Fun and Games

An engagement party is usually fun, but why not take it up a notch? If the couple and guests are fun-loving people, they will love  having a game or activity theme at this party. Here are some relevant ideas that might work:

  • Try planning a murder mystery for everyone. Printable invitations are available online; use those to inform guests of the fun that awaits them. Murder mystery game kits are also available, which makes it easier to plan.
  • Have a costume party where everyone can play dress-up and express themselves. You can keep a certain decade or some other theme so that the costumes aren’t all over the place. It can also be a more formal affair, with everyone dressed up in ball gowns, party masks, and suits
  • If everyone’s up for a bit of friendly competition, make a game night of it! Set up different board games, divide people into teams for charades, and get ready for some laughs. Have some prizes ready and make sure to have plenty of snacks on hand. You can also prepare beforehand with some printable engagement party games.
  • For a more sober brand of fun consider a crafting party. The guests might paint pottery, make cards, or just make what they like while socializing with each other. You can also invite a professional to guide everyone and provide tips in case someone gets stuck.


An engagement is usually exciting for families and friends of the couple, so it makes sense to throw a party to celebrate. The ideas above will help you plan this major milestone and kickstart some wedding planning decisions. Consider the couple’s preferences, the guest list, the budget, and other factors; you’ll soon see what fits best!