Date: 4th June 2024

Posted by: Daniel Lay Team

Party Hire Equipment List for Weddings, Birthdays, and More

Planning the perfect party requires much effort and supervision. In addition to where to have the party and what kind of eating arrangements should be made for the guests, planning a party requires appropriate supplies and equipment. Should you lack them, chances are your event may not be all that successful.

Hiring supplies and equipment takes a huge load off your list of to-do things when planning a party. It also ensures that your event will be over without any hitches. As a premier party rental company, Daniel Lay Event Services provides audio-video systems, fancy tents, and furniture, among other event supplies.

Here is the ultimate guide to party equipment for hire that will make your party the talk of the town.

Party Supplies Rental: The Smart Choice

Renting party equipment and supplies involves getting them on hire from a rental firm to use them for a special occasion without purchasing them.

Hiring supplies and equipment for a party is affordable compared to purchasing these items to cater for a single occasion. To eliminate the possibility of damaging any equipment and prevent a situation where one does not know how to operate it, hiring well-maintained and latest equipment from rental item experts is the way to go.

Reputable companies provide the option of delivering, setting up, and clearing everything once the party is over. Furthermore, you can consult their experts to personalize your rental order to meet your unique requirements. These companies also offer updated equipment and technology so everything can sync perfectly.

Generally speaking, party hire equipment includes:

  • Audio equipment (speakers, microphones, mixing boards)
  • Visual equipment (televisions, LCDs, projectors, LED walls)
  • Lighting (spotlights, fairy lights, string lights, dance floor lights)
  • Furniture (chairs, tables, lounge furniture, bean bags, lawn chairs)
  • Kitchenware (dishes, cutlery, bar equipment)
  • Decor (drapes, uplighting, flower arrangements)
  • Tents and canopies
  • Staging and Dancefloors
  • Entertainment (photo booths, karaoke machines)

Essential Party Hire Equipment Checklist

Some essential items are needed when planning a party, such as a birthday, wedding, Sunday brunch, etc. Here’s a comprehensive equipment checklist to help you decide on the supplies you need to plan a well-organized and memorable event.

1. Audio Equipment

You might need to make announcements or speeches at your party, and what party is complete without a bit of dancing and grooving? That’s where audio equipment comes in, and mainly includes:

  • Microphones (handheld, lapel, headset mics, wireless)
  • Speakers (PA systems and monitors that amplify sound so that everyone can hear announcements and the music)
  • Subwoofers (add bass and enhance the music)
  • Mixing board (controls different mics, music playback, and audio sources)
  • Audio cables (ensure sufficient cables for hookups and safety)
  • DI boxes (plugs in instruments such as guitars into the PA system)

2. Visual Equipment

Showcasing a heartfelt visual tribute to your friends and family on your wedding or birthday makes the event all the more memorable and emotional. To make sure your video content is played without a hitch, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • Projectors and Screens (for showcasing slideshows, videos, or live camera feeds)
  • Inflatable screens (for outdoor events that also remain vibrant in daylight)
  • Television monitors (ensure the video or image can be seen in different areas around the party)
  • Sturdy Lighting truss (for hanging lighting fixtures and related equipment)
  • Video switcher (to flawlessly transition between pictures, videos, and recordings)

3. Lighting Equipment

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor (evening/night) event, the perfect lighting helps set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere for any party. To make sure you have the ideal lightening for your event, you can opt for:

  • String lights (Edison bulbs, LED, lanterns, etc. for a dreamy and romantic vibe)
  • Uplighting (illuminates centerpieces, walls, and flower decorations with vibrant lights)
  • Dance floor lighting (disco balls, flashing LEDs, and moving lights to set the dance floor on fire)
  • Pinspot lighting (highlights prominent parts or things at the event like gifts, cakes, head tables, etc.)
  • Gobo/monogram projection (shines a personalized image, statement, or initials on the walls)

Lighting Equipment

4. Stage and Dance Floor Equipment

Most parties include rehearsed performances or spontaneous breakouts of singing and dancing. This requires a designated place at the party, like a stage or dance floor, and Daniel Lay Events can set up these for you as well:

  • Stage platforms to highlight and elevate performances, speeches, the bride and groom or birthday girl, etc.
  • Dance floors made from portable flooring that can work for both indoor and outdoor events. For birthdays and sweet sixteen, you can opt for a glow-in-the-dark dance floor to augment that ‘wow’ factor.
  • Red carpet to highlight the entry of guests and make them feel royal

5. Catering Supplies

Eating and drinking are a major part of any event, and you’ll need catering supplies to make sure all your guests dine well. A complete set of dishes includes soup bowls, dinner plates, salad/dessert bowls, and any additional items you need to meet your specific requirements.

Now, you might think this only includes shiny cutlery, crockery, and chafing dishes to keep the food warm. However, catering hire also features popcorn machines, coffee makers, margarita machines, and cotton candy makers to keep guests entertained and satisfied till the actual meal is served.

6. Tables and Chairs

Ensuring your guests are seated happily and interacting with one another is very important, especially at weddings and brunches with buffets and bars. Moreover, everyone must get to eat their meal comfortably. This is where seating arrangements and tables come in. Here’s what you can hire:

  • Banquet tables and chairs are draped and styled elegantly according to the occasion and theme
  • Round tables to promote easy conversation
  • Cocktail tables for guests to mingle and set their drinks
  • Lounge seating (armchairs, loveseats, comfortable couches to relax)

Tables and Chairs

7. Tents

If you’re planning a wedding, birthday, brunch, or family get-together in an outdoor venue, you’ll need a marquee or tent to ensure your guests are protected from the sun or rain. These come in various colors, sizes, and styles and can give your event a truly magical look.
Here are some options to choose from:

  • Party tents (frame or pole tents)
  • Canopies (provide more open covered areas for bars, food stations, reception lines, etc.)
  • Marquees (exquisite peaked tents to highlight entrances or specific areas at the party)

8. Cooling and Heating Equipment

Speaking of outdoor events, cooling and heating equipment are essential to ensure your guests are comfortably entertained according to the weather. Moreover, equipment is available to keep your drinks cool in the summer. You can arrange the following:

  • Water coolers (for chilled drinks on a hot summer day)
  • Mobile cold rooms (if you don’t have tents/marquees and need to escape the sun or wind)
  • Pedestal fans (great for providing direct air and keeping guests comfortable)

9. Décor

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s talk about décor. This can include anything from flowers and balloons to backdrops and linens. Décor gives any event a personalized touch and enhances the overall look and feel of the party.
Here are some options when it comes to décor:

  • Backdrops (suspended curtains of different colors, banners, digital designs, etc.)
  • Linens (runners, tablecloths, overlays, etc.)
  • Fitted chair covers
  • Centerpieces (vases, candle stands, orbs, crystals, etc.)

10. Games and Activities

If there’s one thing everyone is worried about at parties, it’s how to keep the children entertained. Birthdays and weddings aren’t complete without children running around making a mess or creating a fuss. That’s where games and activities swoop in to save the day. Some options include:

  • Open-air or enclosed photo booths (provide prints of fun photos as memorable souvenirs)
  • Karaoke machine (comes with microphones and a monitor to show lyrics)
  • Inflatables (slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, etc.)
  • Swing set

Games and Activities

11. Portable Toilets

Last but not least are portable toilets. These are especially important for outdoor events and parties where children and older adults are invited in large numbers. Try to hire a portable toilet that is big enough or hire more than one so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable and uneasy kids and guests at your event.

To Sum Up

A great and memorable party requires good entertainment, delicious food, and a beautiful ambiance. As you take care of the invites and catering, let a professional party equipment hire company do the rest.

Daniel Lay Event Services provides quality rentals delivered at your event and set up by our experts. For our team, turning your magical vision into a reality is easy. Apart from providing high-quality and well-maintained party hire equipment, we also focus on the safety of your event and work tirelessly to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Contact us today for the best advice and rental options if you plan to throw an impressive party.