Whether you are planning a party, corporate event or wedding, LED furniture hire London will ensure your event shines above the rest. Daniel Lay Event Services provide light up furniture across London, Surrey, Sussex & Kent.

LED furniture not only looks great, but it is also comfortable and practical. Our product catalogue includes LED cubes/seats, spheres, ice buckets and even bars

All of the products listed on this page can be used both inside or outside with rubber seals to keep out any unwanted spillages or rain. With a wide range of uses from decorative items to seating and tables these products will really bring your event to life.

Each product is supplied fully charged with an average battery life of 5-6 hours (dependant on the colour/mode selected). Static colours use less battery life than colour changing modes and may last longer. In addition we will supply a wireless remote control so you can easily change the colour or mode of each unit. Simply point the remote within a metre or so of the unit and click on the desired colour or effect.

LED Furniture Hire London | Surrey | Kent | Sussex

Are you planning a birthday party and want some LED glowing cube hire to match your colour theme? Do you have a prom or ball with a white and black theme? No matter what the occasion our LED furniture is the ultimate addition!

There is no need to worry about unsightly cables running across the floor as all of our LED furniture is completely wireless. Why not enhance your event now with some of our LED furniture hire in London, Kent, Surrey & Sussex.

LED furniture is intended only for use in darkened areas with minimal natural light. Daytime events or venues with lots of natural light may not benefit from the desired effect of LED furniture. Please ask for advice if you re unsure in any way on whether the products are suitable for your event.

All prices quoted exclude VAT, delivery and collection costs. If you are looking for multiple products use the add to quote button next to a product, alternatively complete the form on this page.

LED Solid Cube Hire

Our LED cube hire in London, Kent and beyond is completely wireless with a battery life of up to 12 hours. The cubes are weatherproof and durable so can be positioned both outside or inside. Colour modes include static colour, fading through various colours, flashing or strobe. Units are provided fully charged with a wireless easy to use remote. Other uses include: mood lighting and props.

These cubes can be used as tables or seats and make the perfect seating area for your event, party or wedding.

 4 Cubes: £80+VAT / 8 Cubes: £140 

(60+ Stocked)

LED Open Cube (Large Ice Bucket Hire/LED Padded Seat Hire)

LED Open Cubes with padded cushions are the perfect seat for your event. 

These LED Illuminated Open Cube Hire has multiple uses, such as:

  • A padded seat when used with the black cushion.

or when used without the cushion:

  • A large LED Ice Bucket – Capable of storing several bottles of beer, wine or champagne. Perfect for summer parties, marquee parties and more.
  • Stackable to be used on their side as bar storage or for decoration, the cubes have a large void in the middle which can be filled with bar stock or decorative items.
  • Stackable on top of each other to form a vertical decorative post.

Open Cube Price: 1 Cube: £25+VAT / 4 Cubes: £80+VAT

(4 Stocked) 

LED Hexagonal Table or Plinth Hire

 These can be positioned with our LED solid cubes or cushioned open cubes to form a stylish seating area. The Hexagons have a small lip around the top to prevent any items from falling off.

A popular colour choice is to set a hexagonal table to a static colour and the LED cube seats surrounding it to a colour changing mode.

These LED Illuminated Hexagons have multiple uses, such as:

  • Stylish tables that can be used on their own or in combination with our LED Cube seats.

  • A plinth that can be used for decoration and presentation at an event.

1 x Hexagon: £30+VAT / 4 x Hexagons: £100+VAT / 6 Hexagons: £140+VAT

(9 Stocked)

LED Low Level Champagne Table Hire

Our illuminated LED Champagne tables are a fantastic low level table for seating areas. 

These tables compliment our LED Solid Cubes to create incredible LED seating areas.

The LED table has a metal base for stability and  can be used outside.

Table Specifications

Diameter: 48cm Height: 53cm

Weight: 18kg

LED Champagne Table Hire: £35+VAT

(3 Stocked)

LED Ice Bucket Hire – 4 Lip

Store your drinks in style and even match the colour scheme of your event. The various colours and modes help to create a fantastic atmosphere at your wedding, party, event or press launch and can perfectly match other aspects such as chair sashes and table decoration.

Why not use one of the LED 4 Lip Ice Buckets on your bar or as a centre piece on your table? Get in touch with us to see how these products could work at your event.

1 Four Lip Ice Bucket: £20+VAT / 4 Or More Ice Buckets:£15+VAT Each

LED Sphere/Globe (Small) Hire

Our small Lumaform LED spheres or globes are perfect for decorating your venue, whether that be inside or outside. The most popular uses include: centre pieces for tables, lighting alongside a red carpet, outdoor lighting to enhance a landscape and much more.

These LED spheres produce a fantastic effect when positioned around your event space and can be set to a range of static colours or on one of their many colour cycle modes. These modes include a strobe/flashing mode and one that gently fades through all of the available colours plus more:

1 Small Sphere: £15+VAT – Quantity Discounts May Be Available

Larger quantities also available, we stock over 30

Straight LED Bar Hire:

Our illuminated LED bar hire in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex is the perfect addition to your event. As with all of our LED furniture we have available for hire, this LED bar is completely wireless and also weatherproof.

No matter where you want to hold your event you can be assured this bar can accommodate you. From a luxurious wedding, to a garden party, 18th or even a retro themed party, this LED Bar hire is sure to wow your guests!

This bar section has a convenient storage space behind for bar equipment, spirit bottles and more.

Bar dimensions:

Width: 90cm x Depth: 75cm x Height: 110cm

1 x Straight Bar Section: £100+VAT

(2 Stocked)

Corner LED Bar Hire:

Our corner LED bar section is the perfect addition to our LED illuminated straight bar sections. Using two straight sections and one corner section produces the full corner bar section.

Alternatively the LED corner bar section can be used on its own or in combination with our trestle tables and black stretched covers.

Ice buckets and light up spheres pictured are not included but are available separately.

Width: 80cm x Depth: 80cm x Height:110cm

1 x Illuminated LED Corner Bar Section: £100+VAT

Why not add trestle tables with black wraps to extend the bar area and form a drinks preparation or presentation area? It typically works well to add two at the front and two at the back.

Trestle Table With Black Wraps: £15+VAT

Full Corner LED Bar Hire:

  • 2 x Straight LED Bar Sections
  • 1 x Corner LED Bar Section

Full Corner Bar Hire Package: £250+VAT

LED Bar Shelf – Drinks Back Bar 

This fantastic three tiered shelf allows drinks to be stylishly presented at your event. Perfect add on with or without an LED bar. The shelf also looks great on top of a standard trestle table too.

Price: £40+VAT each or £70+VAT for two