Are you looking forward to getting the best furniture for your big event? Deciding on the furniture is the main task as it can make all the difference. The furniture can make or break an event, especially if guests are uncomfortable. Your event can be a hit or a total flop just because of your choice of furniture. So, when choosing furniture for your events, always look out for the ones that add aesthetics and offer comfort for the guests.

If you are here on this page, you must be looking out to rent furniture. Let’s explore why your idea for renting furniture is the best one for your upcoming event.


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Why Rent Furniture?

Organizing an event, be it a corporate or personal gathering, requires attention to every detail, and one priority should be the comfort of your guests. What furniture is suitable for the venue and event type? Will it add aesthetics to the venue while providing comfort to our guests? Last but not least, does it fit our budget?

So, if you choose to stay within budget and find everything in the furniture, purchasing can never be an option. It’s expensive, and you do not require the same type of furniture all the time, so it’s a waste of money, too. The best option is renting it out!

Yes, renting furniture gives you multiple options. It’s cost efficient and hassle-free. The interesting part is that you don’t need to maintain it; you just rent it out, use it, and return it. The transportation of the furniture to the venue is also not your job. The company handles everything from loading, unloading, and setting the furniture up in the venue.

So, if you are thinking of renting furniture for your upcoming event, go ahead and explore our wide range of seating collections, which include different types of tables and chairs that will surely suit your budget and venue.

Why Choose Daniel Lay Event Rentals?

Daniel Lay offers you an amazing range of rental furniture that is unique and complements your event decoration. Here is what sets us apart from our competitors in London;

Unique Variety: We have an extensive collection of tables and chairs for furniture rentals in London and adjoining areas. Our premium furniture perfectly fits any event and compliments the decoration. Explore our variety and see what fits best for your occasion.

Streamlined Operation: As your rental service, we oversee everything from helping you select your furniture to its delivery and setup. We provide you a hassle-free experience, so you can concentrate on the other operations of the event.

No Hidden Fee: We have upfront and straightforward pricing and there are no hidden surprises for you at the time of payment. We will provide you a clear quote when you book rental furniture with us.

Outstanding Customer Support: Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide guidance and support when needed.

Our Rental Furniture

We at Daniel Lay Event Service offer an extensive range of seating arrangements that we have labeled under Tables and Chairs. Here is what you will find in our furniture options:


We have an amazing collection of tables for your event. Here is a list of our collection:

Round Table: Perfect for any event be it corporate or personal, our round tables can be the best fit for conferences and weddings.

Trestle Table: The best choice for banquets, be it a conference or a wedding, our Trestle Tables is the best solution to comfort a large number of people.

LED Furniture: If you are looking to add some trendy furniture, our LED Tables will surely illuminate your event. It adds a modern touch and captivates your guests with its vibrant colors.

Rustic Wood Table: Our Rustic Wood Table adds a classic touch to your venue. Enhance the charm and affection of your occasion by adding our classic Rustic Wood Tables.

Poseur Table: The Poseur Table is a perfect fit for cocktail parties and even conferences that require a stylish décor. They definitely add to the aesthetics of your venue.

Bistro Table: If you are planning an outdoor event, Bistro Tables are the best fit to create a cozy environment for your casual gatherings.


We have a diverse collection of chairs to seat your guests in style. Let’s explore our rental collection:

Chiavari Chair: Our Chiavari Chairs go well with round tables and trestle tables adding elegance and enhancing the aesthetics of the venue. They are the perfect choice when it comes to elegance and comfort both.

Barstool: Our Barstools are perfect for your cocktail parties, receptions, and bar setups adding a chic and contemporary style to your venue.

Ottoman Cube Seat: When you are looking for versatile seating options, our Ottoman Cube Seats add a touch of luxury to your theme along with providing comfort to your guests.

Tam Tam Stool: Our playful Tam Tam Stools are compact in size and lightweight, best for kids’ parties. You can choose them for your picnic events, outdoor birthday parties or any event where you want to add a touch of fun to the décor.

Rustic Wood Cube: Rustic furniture never gets old. It’s the best way to add charm and elegance to your occasion.

Deck Chair: Our Deck Chairs are a perfect fit for your pool parties or events at beach. They provide comfort to your guests while they enjoy your event.

LED Cube Chair: Our LED Cube Chairs add dazzling visual effects to enhance the overall atmosphere of your event. You can always pair them up with our LED tables to illuminate your event.

Bean Bag: Relaxing at our Bean Bag is the best way for your guests to unwind in the coziest environment. When planning a casual setup, bean bags are a perfect fit.

Crossback Chair: Our Crossback Chairs add a rustic look with a modern touch to your decoration. Your guests will surely enjoy its unique design that creates a visual interest to the overall décor.

Folding Chair: The most convenient form of seating is the Folding Chair. You can add these chairs to any event, offering a comfortable and convenient setup for your event.

Inflatable Sofa: Best for casual outdoor setups, our Inflatable Sofa are the perfect choice for adding aesthetics with comfort.

What’s in the Rental Package for You?

We have everything in our furniture rental package that will help you to organize a memorable event. Let’s have a look:

  • Highly maintained furniture that adds to the aesthetics of your event and its décor.
  • Furniture that is comfortable for your guests to enjoy the event without any restlessness.
  • We send our team to deliver and set up the furniture at your venue.
  • For extended rental periods, we offer a special discount for our customers.Pickup of furniture after your event is our job.

Which Areas We Deliver?

We provide Furniture Rental in London for corporate or personal events. We also offer our furniture rental service in the adjoining areas including Surrey, Sussex, and Kent. So if  you are planning your event within these areas and looking to hire furniture for the occasion, Daniel Lay Event Services is just a call

Our Pricing Policy

We at Daniel Lay Event Services believe in keeping the pricing transparent. This means when you make a booking with us, we will provide you with a clear quotation of our charges and the final price that you have to pay. Our quotation will be free from any hidden charges and all the pricing will be straightforward and competitive.

We do not believe in giving you strange surprises that lower your trust in us. So when you rent furniture with us, there is no need to worry about any hidden costs. Our charges in the quotation include the cost of renting furniture, delivery, pickup, setup, and labor costs. Any other additional cost will be clearly

So, why wait? Make your selection and call us right away for the rental bookings.

Contact Us

We are always at your service. Our customer care is there to support and guide our customers around the clock. To discuss your event, or for any query or guidance, feel free to contact us.

Call: 0800 112 0808

Let’s create a memorable event together that your guests will cherish for long. Rent with us today!