1920s Themed Events

The iconic 1920s theme has to be one of our favourites here at Daniel Lay Event Services. It steals the show with the era of glitz and glamour. In this blog we will show you how to show off this theme. Décor, props and venue dressing is a top priority – we can transform any space into your Great Gatsby themed event.
As it covers a decade, you can take your event in a lot of different directions!

Great Gatsby Gala Dinners

First watch the movie – The Great Gatsby, it will give you so many ideas! Black and Gold is very popular. Some popular ideas to add to your event include:
Wall draping, large feather displays, black VIP carpet with gold posts, art deco signage, photo booth with a themed backdrop:
Starburst 1920 Art Deco Prop Hire
Giant 1920s Starburst Props For Hire
A little party never killed nobody great gatsby sign hire
Great Gatsby Welcome Sign
Art Deco Lamp Hire - Lady Holding Globe
Art Deco Lady & Lamp
Great Gatsby Theme London - Black & Gold Carpet Package
Giant 1920s Starburst Props For Hire

Prohibition Theme – Speakeasy

The Prohibition era in America, which lasted almost 14 years and effectively banned the sale and production of booze in the United States, ended with the ratification of the 21st Amendment on Dec. 5, 1933. The time when Prohibition imperfectly reigned, meanwhile, has endured in the national consciousness and the pop-culture pantheon as a period of unparalleled violence, gangsterism and corruption. 

You can use a wide range of themed props, decorations and bars to convert your space into an authentic speakeasy bar. Vintage signposts, furniture, whiskey barrels, dressed-up staff, and jazz music come to mind.
When sending your invites out, keep in mind the secrecy of speakeasies. A password on your invites for the guests to use when entering is a fun way to welcome the theme.
Life Magazines article on prohibition in New York

Roaring 20s

Get your headbands, pearls and long gloves ready or your hats, suits, bow ties and scarves! Your guests can help roll back the clocks with a roaring 1920s party. Why not hire a bar and staff to serve French 75, Gin Rickey, Bee’s Knees, Sidecar or Mary Pickford’s. A classic example of a bar that has tailored a drinks menu to the 1920’s is The Sidecar Bar. You too can bring the 20’s to your event with a themed cocktail menu.
Devilled eggs, shrimp cocktail and oyster Rockefeller are popular themed food options. Sweet treats such as the banana foster are a hit with guests too. This is not to say you have to opt for themed food, any food can work well.
The Sidecar Cocktail Bar - 1920s Cocktails
Food ideas for a Great Gatsby Themed Event
The Mary Pickford - Iconic 1920s Cocktail


Bring the mystery and allure of masks to your Gatsby Event. This is a fun way to add class and sophistication in keeping with the prohabition era.

Peaky Blinders

The award-winning show makes this theme very popular. Three-piece suits, overcoats, flat caps, and laced boots are popular. Not to mention the glamorous flapper dresses and fur coats.
Entertainment Ideas:
Flapper Dancers
1920s themed event inspiration
1920s Bands
1920s Themed Gangster Performer for great Gatsby event
Gangster Performers
1920s Selfie Photo Booth
Music Ideas:

Check out our Spotify playlist with some 1920’s inspired songs to give you some inspiration: