Date: 2nd July 2024

Posted by: Daniel Lay Team

How to Plan a Family-Friendly Christmas Party

Family parties are extraordinary events. Sometimes, the whole family gathers in one place, having fun and eating food. Above all, there are times when the family members get a chance to exchange views and experiences with each other. It is a lovely occasion for everyone.

Family-friendly parties are even more exciting. Such parties are convenient for all families and provide a better opportunity for everyone to enjoy a good time together with other families. So, a party is always a memorable event. A party would ideally be an occasion. Holiday parties usually happen in the last month of the year.

December is the month when most people in the UK like to plan a holiday party, the climax being their favorite event, Christmas. Christmas is the most popular festive occasion celebrated throughout the world. It transcends religious barriers and is the most popular event among most nations.

Why Plan a Party Beforehand

You can’t let it happen abruptly, whether it is a family function, a birthday party, or a wedding. Every special occasion requires a lot of preparation. Depending on the size of the gathering and the scope of the events, you need to start preparations at least one to three months before.

A Christmas Party is often a very special event, especially for families with kids. It involves different arrangements, such as inviting other families and friends, selecting the food, and, most importantly, decorating the home.

Above all, gifts and games for the kids are yet another important aspect of a Christmas Party. All that needs a lot of planning and arrangements. Unlike other events, you don’t have a choice of selecting the date for the Christmas party; it has to be on the 25th of December. That makes it a tough and demanding task.

Hence, it is crucial to start preparing for a party, especially Christmas, well before the scheduled date and time. If you start late, you may find getting a venue and supplies of your choice difficult.

When to Start Preparations for a Family-Friendly Christmas Party

Ideally, you will have to prepare for a family-friendly Christmas party 2-3 months prior, depending on the size of the gathering you are planning. As a general practice, you may follow the timelines as under:

  • Start preparations for a Christmas Party in September if the planned gathering exceeds 50 persons.
  • You should start somewhere in October for an event with 25-50 participants.
  • If the participants are less than 20, starting in mid-November would be perfect.

The perfect time to start planning the Christmas party will mainly depend on the size and scope of the event you are thinking about. In any case, planning has to be initiated no later than November, or you will be deprived of your favorite choices on many things.

Budget is the Crucial Link

Celebrating Christmas is a one-time event of the year. Being the most festive occasion, you would like to make it memorable for years to come. But one thing might restrict you: the Budget.

So, the first thing that needs your consideration is the availability of funds. Considering your resources and the type and scope of the event you wish to host, you will need to allocate a rational budget. This is one of the most crucial steps in planning a Christmas party. Allocating financial availability for different items is quite a tricky task.

Here are some valuable tips on this crucial aspect of a party:

  • Try to be selective when it comes to the list of invitees. The Number of participants greatly impacts the party’s overall expenditure.
  • The selection of food and drinks may also impact the budget. Try to remain within your allocated funds for this segment. The expense on this head largely depends on the number of participants.
  • Gifts for kids also need a separate budget. This may also include sweets for the kids.
  • Games, fun, and music may also cost you a bit.
  • Above all, the venue decoration is one of the main items, which may involve a lot of expense. 

Hence, setting the budget will be the key to your success before stepping into the actual preparations.

How to Plan a Family-Friendly Christmas Party

Once the initial homework, like setting the budget and size and scope of the party, is done, you may step into the planning phase of your Christmas party.

Here’s a step-by-step guideline for perfectly planning a family-friendly Christmas party:

  • List of Invitees

Once you have decided on the number of participants, the next step is to list down their names in order of preference. For perfect planning, you must remain within the pre-determined number of participants. Remove the less important ones.
It is also important to send invitations to the invitees at least 10-15 days before the event date. If possible, you may also get confirmation from them. This will help a lot in further preparations, such as the venue and the menu.

  • The Venue

A family-friendly Christmas party would ideally be hosted in your own home. However, if the home needs more space for hosting the party, you may have to search for some other venue. This may involve an extra expense. On the other hand, finding a perfect venue may also be difficult. So, if at all, you have to go to a venue other than your home, you must get it booked in advance.

The Venue


  • The Menu

Ideally, you would like to host a Christmas dinner for your guests. Or you may opt for just drinks and light refreshments. The choice is yours. However, while selecting the menu, you should consider the foods that are commonly liked and acceptable for your guests. Some of your guests might be allergic to a certain food item. You will have to keep in mind this important aspect.
The best option is to choose traditional and popular foods that suit everyone. If budget allows, a special day’s food may also be managed per your choice.

  • The Decoration

The decoration for the Christmas party has no limits. A decent, traditional, and attractive decoration should be a handy option. Apart from traditional decorative items, do consider lighting. It can change the whole ambiance of the party.
Flowers and ornamental plants are always a perfect choice for attractive decoration. While there should be something special for the kids, the overall atmosphere of the party should be conducive to all age groups.

  • The Sequence of Events of the Christmas Party

It is always good to let the party progress on its own. The guests should be free to have fun. But as a host, you must have a set of events in place to proceed systematically. Plan for it beforehand, and if possible, let the participants know the sequence as well.

An ideal sequence for the Christmas party can be summarized as under:

  • Arrival of the guests. Someone needs to welcome them.
  • Guests are served drinks as they arrive.
  • Play background music.
  • Guests are welcome to play games and have fun.
  • Christmas gifts and sweets for kids.
  • Make videos and still photos.
  • Group photos can also be arranged.
  • Watch movies, whoever likes to.
  • Christmas Dinner.
  • Departure of guests.

To Sum up

Planning an ordinary routine family party might be quite easy for everyone. But it will be quite a different proposition when it comes to hosting a family-friendly Christmas party. Being the most popular and festive occasion, a Christmas party needs a lot of preparations. One has to be a good planner to manage such parties. It starts with setting up a workable budget, followed by steps like the selection of guests, the selection of venue, and most importantly, the selection of food, drinks, and gifts for the kids and families.

A family-friendly Christmas party should be managed to suit all the invitee families. The overall ambiance of the party, games, food, and drink must all be planned keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the expected guests. The food choice needs special consideration, as some guests might have allergies and dietary restrictions. Similarly, there should be some special games and gifts for the kids.

So, start well beforehand so you can host a memorable Christmas party.