Uplighter Hire Surrey – Mood Lighting & Venue Uplighting

Uplighters provide a simple, yet effective way of transforming your venue. Mood lighting adds light to your venue walls or key features. Pillars, doorways, archways and other objects can also be lit which changes the look of the room. We offer a wide range of uplighters including wired, battery powered and IP rated outdoor lighting fixtures. 

If you are unsure which uplighters are best for your event or would like advice on quantities please get in touch. 

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The Types Of Uplighters We Offer:

Wireless Battery Powered Uplighter Hire Surrey:

The latest wireless battery powered LED uplighters and mood lighting. These lights instantly change the look of the room at a touch of a button using the simple remote control. Our wireless uplighters can be set to a range of colours and patterns to create fantastic effects. We can also supply lighting colours including warm white, UV and pastel shades such as rose gold, teal and amber.

Advantages of wireless uplighters:
  • No cables required – completely wireless and battery powered
  •  Sleek, simple lighting fixtures with wireless remote to quickly change the lights to a desired colour
  •  Quick & simple installation service
  •  Extremely neat and tidy

Outdoor Wireless Battery Powered LED Uplighters

Wireless outdoor uplighters provide an effective luxury lighting solution for your event. As they are wireless and battery powered they can be positioned virtually anywhere. This means they can be used to light many objects, structures and spaces.

Advantages of outdoor battery powered LED uplighters:

  • Simple, effective and cable free
  • Bright light output with lots of colour options including UV
  • Quick and easy setup process

Wired LED Uplighter Hire Surrey: 

Wired uplighters provide an efficient, low cost uplighting solution for your event. Whilst they are not quite as sleek as a wireless light, we always ensure cables are tidy and taped down. 

Advantages of wired LED uplighters:

  • Cost effective
  • Bright light output with lots of colour options including UV
  • Can be used all day and night as they don’t rely on batteries

IP Rated Outdoor Wired LED flood lights

LED wired flood lights are a great option for lighting your garden, house or event space. They can be set to a wide variety of colours or colour changing modes. These lights are operated via a battery powered wireless remote control which allows them to be quickly set.




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