Smoke Machine Hire – Fog Machine Rental

Smoke machines are a great way of creating atmosphere at your event. enhance your lighting at a venue or give a wow factor with e. Smoke machines have a range of uses and benefits.

We can supply everything from small machines to high output smoke machines with built in LED’s.

Take a look at our range of machines below, these are all available to hire in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London & South East.

All prices are subject to VAT, delivery and collection costs and a minimum spend fee. If you are willing to collect from us there is no minimum spend fee.

Fog Fury Jett – High Power Multiple Directional LED Fog/Smoke Machine

This high velocity smoke machine mixes light from LED bulbs around the smoke output. The LED’s light up the jet of smoke as it is output from the machine. An easy and safe incredible co2 look is given without the dangers and risks of a co2 cannon.

The unit is supplied with a simple wireless controller which makes it easy to set of the jet of smoke after a big drop in a song that is being played producing a fantastic effect to wow your guests.

The unit can also be mounted both horizontally, vertically and upside down (when mounted on a lighting truss). The removable tank allows the unit to be pointed towards a particular area without spillage from the fluid reserve.

The ADJ Fog Fury Jett can either be floor mounted or hung from a lighting bar or truss.

Provided with a full tank of smoke fluid.

Day Price: £50+VAT
Week Price: £75+VAT

VF400 Horizontal Fog/Smoke Machine

A simple, compact horizontal smoke machine with built in fluid tank and wired remote control. This is the perfect smoke machine to enhance the look of the lighting at your event.

This smoke machine is best suited to small venues, however dependant on the amount of smoke you require could be used at larger venues.

Provided with a full tank of smoke fluid.

Day Price: £20+VAT
Week Price: £30+VAT

Mister Kool II Low Level Fog/Smoke Machine

Mister Kool II is an affordable, yet portable, low-level professional fog machine. This machine includes a powerful 700 watt heater with only 3 minute warm-up time.

This fog machine works with water based fog fluid and ice cubes to chill fog and keep it close to the ground.

Naturally hot air rises and therefore if the room you are using the machine in is warm smoke may rise. You must also ensure your smoke alarms are not set off by water based fog/smoke.

Included items:

  • Timer/remote to customise control and output of the fog.
  • Water drainage system with a valve, plastic hose and plastic water collection bag. This is used to collect the water formed by the melted ice.
  • 1 Bottle of fog/smoke fluid

Day Price: £40+VAT

Week Price: £60+VAT

Haze Machine Hire – ADJ Entour Faze

The ADJ Entour Haze is a 450watt Haze machine with rapid heater. This allows a fine smoke to be output in as little as 45 seconds. This smoke machine is perfect for enhancing lighting fixtures.

Dimensions: (LxWxH): 15.5” x 17” x 10” / 202 x 414 x 303mm

Weight: 10 lbs. / 4.5 kg.

Included items:

  • Timer/remote to control the output level of haze
  • Dual hanging bracket
  • 1 Bottle of fog/smoke fluid

Day Price: £40+VAT

Week Price: £60+VAT

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