LED Open Cube (Large Ice Bucket Hire/LED Padded Seat Hire)


LED Open Cubes with padded cushions are the perfect seat for your event. 

These LED Illuminated Open Cube Hire has multiple uses, such as:

  • A padded seat when used with the black cushion.

or when used without the cushion:

  • A large LED Ice Bucket – Capable of storing several bottles of beer, wine or champagne. Perfect for summer parties, marquee parties and more.
  • Stackable to be used on their side as bar storage or for decoration, the cubes have a large void in the middle which can be filled with bar stock or decorative items.
  • Stackable on top of each other to form a vertical decorative post.

Open Cube Price: 1 Cube: £25+VAT / 4 Cubes: £80+VAT

(4 Stocked) 

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