Crate of 12 Coupe Champagne Cocktail Saucers


Add some Art Deco opulence to your event with our Coupe Saucer hire. These glasses are intended for champagne or cocktails, including the ever-popular Espresso Martini.

The Champagne Coupe is famously associated with the ‘Roaring ’20s’, thanks to its regular appearance in high-profile media such as The Great Gatsby and Boardwalk Empire.

The Coupe maintains a reputation of sophistication, elegance and aspiration; the perfect serving glass for your next party or event

Product Specifications
  • Capacity: 235ml
  • Dimensions: H13.5 x W9.5 x D9.5cm

Hire Price: £10+VAT per crate of 12 Glasses

Additional information

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