Looking for experienced and dedicated staff for your wedding, private party, or corporate event in Sussex? Look no further – we have got the right personnel for you!

When you are hosting an event, you want to relax and mingle with your guests rather than stress about the décor, the food, and the security. After all, there’s nothing worse than throwing a party and not being able to enjoy it!

With Daniel Lay Event Services, you can sit back, catch up with friends and peers, enjoy your food and drinks, and leave everything else to us. We’ll look after your guests, make sure everyone is well-fed, and well-taken care of! When it’s time to leave, we’ll make sure they’re escorted to their vehicles. Now that’s the VIP treatment all guests deserve!

What Areas Do We Cover in Sussex?

We supply a vast selection of party and event staff predominantly in East Grinstead, Crawley, Horsham, Brighton, Lewes & Uckfield. In addition to these areas, we cover the whole of East Sussex and West Sussex.

What Staff Do We Provide?

We provide skilled party and event staff for various occasions in Sussex, all of whom are committed to making sure your event is accomplished without a hitch.

Party & Wedding Bar Staff

Our expertly trained bar staff will take care of preparing general drinks, promptly serving them to your guests, and keeping the bar clean and organized. They also have a few tricks up their sleeve if you’re interested! We provide bartenders in Sussex in the following categories:

  • General Bar Staff – Serves wine, beer, spirits, and soft drinks
  • Cocktail Bartenders – Serve all of the above in addition to a preselected list of four cocktails. We provide you with the list of ingredients you’ll need in advance to make arrangements.
  • Expert Cocktail Bartender – Make any drink you want, assuming you have provided the relevant ingredients.
  • Flare Bartenders – Make expert cocktails and perform bar tricks. Sufficient notice is required for this service.
Since some of our clients prefer to pour drinks for themselves, we also offer to operate a free bar at the event. This will cut down the costs of drinks and also decrease the long queues at the bar. We can also set up LED Bars to enhance the experience of serving drinks to your guests. Plus, we also provide alcohol on a pre-purchased basis.

Hire bar staff in Sussex

Clean Up Staff

Our meticulous clean-up staff will ensure your event ends spotless. They will collect glasses, plates, cutlery, rubbish, etc., and clean up any spills or accidents during the event so you can relax and enjoy without worrying about any mess. 

After the event:

  • Rubbish and recyclable items will be placed in bins/bags and handed over to you for disposal.
  • The cleaning staff will take the rubbish for disposal at an additional charge.

We also provide a post-event clean-up service where our staff will clean your house or the event space afterward

Party Cleanup Staff in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London & Essex

Greeting and Serving Staff

A good greeting and servicing team is the heart of any formal or informal event. If the team is greeting guests every time with a sweet smile and calm attitude, it will make guests feel at home. 

So, if you are going to organize an informal event, it may be a wedding, corporate conference, or annual dinner, our staff will make sure to give the best possible treatment to your guests. They will greet them at the door with a welcoming smile and will free their hands from any luggage they are carrying if they are allowed. After that, the guests will feel welcomed and they will be comfortable with our staff. Now it’s time to serve them with some drinks and snacks.

Security Staff

The most crucial thing at an event is the safety of people. In fact, hospitality, good food, ambiance, decorations—everything comes after safety and security. For that reason, we always prioritize the safety of our guests and take all reasonable steps to ensure that. At Sussex, the conduct of safety staff is very much standardized, and to ensure that security staff goes through a series of checklists every time there is an event.

At Sussex, we have professional SIA and non-SIA staff who are going to ensure that there will be only relevant persons entering the venue. Our well-dressed professional security staff will receive your guests from the main door and take them to the main event area seamlessly. Besides this, if there are any other concerns or queries of your guests they will also address them swiftly.

Party Security Staff Sussex

How Many Personnel Do You Need?

The wide variety of personnel you will need for your event relies upon the following:The wide variety of personnel you will need for your event relies upon the following:

  • type of event you are hosting
  • size of your event space
  • duration of the event
  • number of guests expected
  • specific requirements of the event (e.g. flare bartenders, serving appetizers, catering to children, etc.)
  • the duties assigned to the staff for the event

Generally, we propose having at least 3-4 workers on rotation to carry out numerous tasks throughout the event. We also suggest having at least one person to cater to 15-20 guests.

For an accurate estimate of the number of staff you will need for your event, feel free to contact us via the form below, or call us on 0800 112 0808.

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We cover all of Sussex. Take a look at some areas of coverage below:

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