Are you looking for skilled and committed staff for your wedding, private celebration, or corporate function in London? Don’t search anymore – we have the perfect staff for you!

When hosting an event, you should be able to enjoy and socialize with guests instead of worrying about decorations, catering, and safety. At the end of an event, nothing is more dreadful than being so involved in hosting that you can’t enjoy your party!

With Daniel Lay Event Services, you can relax, socialize with friends and colleagues, savor your meals and beverages, and let us take care of everything else. We will take care of your guests and ensure they are well-fed and looked after! When they leave, we will ensure they are accompanied to their cars. That’s the VIP treatment every guest should receive!

Types of London Party and Event Staff We Offer

Daniel Lay provides experienced party and event staff for all events in London. All our staff is committed to ensuring your event is accomplished without glitches.

How Many Staff Members Do You Need:

The type and number of staff required for your event depends on the following:

  • The kind of event you are organizing
  • The size of your event area
  • The length of the event
  • The anticipated number of guests
  • Any particular needs for the event, like flair bartenders, appetizers, children, etc.
  • Specific tasks given to the employees for the event (preparing drinks, cleaning glasses, greeting guests/taking coats, serving food, and cleaning up the event space)

In general, we suggest having a minimum of 3-4 employees take turns completing various duties during the occasion. At least one person should attend to 15-20 guests. The required security staff are excluded from these estimates.

Daniel Lay provides various bar staff in London for various occasions. Whether you’re planning a wedding, formal event, or casual party, our expert staff can help.

To get a precise calculation of the personnel required for your event, don’t hesitate to contact us using the form provided or by calling 0800 112 0808.

What Factors Effect The Amount Of Staff Required:

The amount of staff required will depend on factors such as: The size of your event space, the amount of guests expected and most importantly the roles the staff will have for the evening. For example if you plan to have our staff preparing food such as canapés in addition to serving food, drinks and cleaning up may need more staff than if food is being prepared in advance and served/presented by an external caterer.

Any security staff required are excluded from this figure. For an accurate guide on how many staff we suggest for your event or how our staff can help your event please click here to get in touch with us on the form below

We have a vast selection of bar staff in London for any occasion. If you are planning a wedding, event or party and need additional staff we can help. 

Bar Staff London

Our skilled bar staff will not only prepare and serve drinks to your guests but also keep the bar area clean and organized. We provide bartenders in London that offer four levels of service:

  • General Bar Staff – Serves wine, beer, spirits, and soft drinks
  • Cocktail Bartenders – Serve all the drinks mentioned above in addition to a preselected list of four cocktails. Our staff will provide you with the list of ingredients you’ll need so you can make arrangements in advance.
  • Expert Cocktail Bartender – Makes a variety of drinks of your choice, presuming you have provided the relevant ingredients.
  • Flare Bartenders – Make expert cocktails and perform bar tricks. Sufficient notice is required to avail of this service.

Since some clients like to pour their drinks, we also provide a complimentary bar service at the event. This will reduce drink expenses and lengthy queues at the bar. If you’re looking for something extra, we provide LED Bars that will elevate the ambiance of serving beverages to your guests. We also offer alcohol for sale in advance.

Party & Event Staff London

Clean Up Staff London

Our detail-oriented cleaning team will ensure that your event concludes immaculately. During the event, they will gather glasses, plates, cutlery, and rubbish and take care of any spills or accidents to ensure you can relax and enjoy without any concerns about the mess.

After the event:

  • Garbage and items that can be recycled will be put in containers or bags and given to you to dispose
  • The cleaning team will dispose of the rubbish for an extra fee

We also offer a service for cleaning up after events, in which our employees will clean either your home or the event venue.

Party Cleanup Staff in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London & Essex

Serving/Greeting Staff London

A good and efficient staff that welcomes guests with a warm smile and gentle demeanor is essential to create a welcoming atmosphere for the event. Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together, a wedding, or a corporate meeting, our greeting team will ensure that your guests receive top-notch care.

Our servers and greeters will welcome your guests with a friendly smile as they arrive and can assist in storing coats/jackets/bags in a chosen cloakroom or area upon request from your guests. They will also provide refreshing beverages and snacks to your guests upon their arrival.

Security Staff London

The primary concern at an event is the well-being of guests. Safety and security take preference over hospitality, good food, ambiance, and decorations. Because of this, we consistently make our guests’ safety our top priority and take all necessary measures to guarantee it. The behavior of our security personnel is highly regulated, with security staff required to follow specific checklists for every event to ensure safety.

We provide both SIA and non-SIA professionals to make sure only your specified guests gain entry to the venue. Our impeccably dressed security team will greet your attendees at the entrance and escort them to the main event space without disruptions. Moreover, if your guests have any other concerns or questions, they will be dealt with promptly.

Event Security Staff London







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