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Party DJ in Bromley, Westerham, Beckenham & Kent

Everyone loves a great party. A dance, a  few drinks, a chance to get together with friends and family and let your hair down. We talk about the memorable parties for years and experience tells us that one of the best ways to get a good party started is having the right DJ. That is why, if you are looking for party DJ hire in Kent, you need to contact us.

At Daniel Lay Event Services, we specialise in creating great parties and events. That is why we brought on board some of the country’s top party DJs available to hire to ensure that your party is the best it can possibly be. We know how to create the right atmosphere, with the right lighting and décor, special effects and particularly the right music.

Our DJs have learned their craft in some of the top venues in the country. They’ve mixed top tunes in Ministry of Sound, Buddha bar, Pacha, Tiger Tiger and entertained countless stars. So if you are looking for a top party DJ in Bromley, Beckenham, Hayes or anywhere else in Kent  give us a call.

Whether you arrange the venue yourself, or with our help, you’ll find that all our DJs have the best equipment to produce great sounding music for your party. The equipment will be tailored to the venue and the number of people attending, so that you get exactly what is needed to create the perfect experience. Looking for a party DJ in Bromley, Beckenham or London then look no further!

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We all have different musical tastes, so if you know what your guests like, then you can choose a DJ who specialises in a particular genre. All our DJs are experts in getting the dance floor jumping, but if you can combine the right music with the right crowd, then success is almost guaranteed.

Whether you prefer club classics, House, Commercial chart or 60’s, 70’s, and even Rock then we have just the DJ for you. Alternatively you may prefer something for a 40th, 50th or 60th?  You are in for a treat with some of the top DJs in the country. Search for party DJ in Kent, and find us there, or simply contact us directly at Daniel Lay Event Services.

Of course, music genre is important, but sometimes you want an event that cuts across music genres. We always take a sample list of tunes from you so that you hear all of your favourites. How about a beach party? Our DJs will dress appropriately to help create the right atmosphere, and then  you can party away to songs that will transport you to sun, sand and sea. Whatever theme you choose, we can work with you to create something a bit special.

Great parties sometimes happen by chance, but more often than not they are due to a bit of forward planning and creative thinking. We’ve got loads of ideas to ensure that your party is the talk of the town. So, if you are looking for a Mobile party DJ and experts in the art of partying, contact Daniel Lay Event Services.