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We at Daniel Lay Event Services are the best TV rentals in London and surrounding areas, with top-of-the-line televisions. From prestigious conference centers to any hotel you choose, we deliver across London, Mayfair, Chelsea, Clapham, Greenwich, Docklands, Victoria, Fulham, Camden and Hackney.

Why Rent A TV?

Today, televisions come in different sizes and models, and their prices depend on the features and screen sizes. Purchasing a TV for an event can be considered a big investment and not cost-effective. When it comes to renting a TV for an event, you can access the highest-quality equipment without heavy investment, allowing you to allocate your budget more efficiently and invest in other areas to enhance the overall experience. Every event, when held, has its demands; an intimate gathering might need a small screen size, but an event with many people scattered in the place might need a big screen. Purchasing one type of screen won’t solve the problem and will only make you invest more. While renting includes the screen of your choice, set up of the television, pickup and drop off service, and model of the TV according to your requirements. This saves a lot of hassle and time and you can focus on the major event tasks. Renting a television has many benefits, including;
  • Renting a TV is hassle-free and saves time
  • It is cheaper than buying a TV
  • It gives access to the latest technology
  • Renting gives you multiple screen size option
  • You always have a backup option instead of just one TV
  • All the accessories, like TV stands, are included in the rental agreement, and there is no need to purchase any of these things.
  • It is sustainable as it decreases the demand for new purchases, promoting resource conservation.
So, make your events top-notch by delivering exceptional experiences for your attendees with our TV rental service.

Why Choose Daniel Lay for TV Rentals?

When you choose us, you not only rent a simple TV screen, but a complete solution which is designed to fulfill your purpose. Our professional technicians will handle all the setup, ensuring it is ready to use from the moment it is plugged in. We provide professional TV stands along with safe cables that also give a polished presentation, enhancing the overall ambiance of the event.

TV Safely Delivered at Your Doorstep—We ensure your rental TV is delivered safely, causing you no hassle. We pack the TV in professional flight cases or custom transport bags, ensuring its safe arrival.

Our team thoroughly tests each TV for its top performance in every aspect before renting it out to you. In case of sudden equipment failure, we have a fully stocked inventory ready for you, to address the issue making your event disruption-free.

We are known among our customers for our premium service and outstanding products. We have a list of highly satisfied clients with five-star reviews who always look upon us when renting TV in London and adjoining areas.

What’s Included in the TV Rental Packages?

With our TV renting service, you can access a world of endless possibilities. Choose from our defined packages or request a custom one by contacting us. Our TV rentals are not limited to sending you just the television; they include a complete package.

Let’s have a look at what’s included in our rental package, made perfectly for your event:

High-Definition TV – We offer you premium televisions that will immerse your audience in its clarity and high-definition visuals.
Comprehensive Cabling and Adapters – Say no to tangled cords. We include all the essential cabling and popular adapters, ensuring hassle-free connectivity with any device.
Elegant TV Stand with Discreet Pole Cover – Our sleek TV stand not only provides support for the television but also adds to the aesthetics of your event area. It adds a touch of sophistication, complimenting the decoration of the venue.
Dedicated Call Support – Our experts are just a call away for your assistance. They are available 24/7 to answer your calls and answer your queries immediately.
In addition to our high-class TV, we also provide;
HDMI Splitters – It helps you to display the same content on multiple screens, ensuring seamless connectivity and synchronized viewing experience.
Laptop – If you wish to connect the laptop to the screen for your display presentation, we also provide our customers with a laptop on request.
PA System – Get crystal clear sound amplification with our high-quality PA system.
Lightening – Yes, being event planners, we rent out lighting to help you light up your event. 

For any questions or queries call us at 0800 112 0808 or email us at [email protected]. Our team would be happy to assist you.

65 Inch TV Rental

Day Hire Price: £210+VAT

55 Inch TV Rental

Day Hire Price: £190+VAT

50 Inch TV Rental 

Day Hire Price: £170+VAT 

43 Inch TV Rental

Day Hire Price: £150+VAT

Customized TV Sizes for Rental

We at Daniel Lay Event Services provide a variety of screen sizes based on your event. Here is a list of screens available for rent, along with their prices:

65 Inch TV Rental

Our 65-inch large screens are perfect for conferences, exhibitions, and presentations for large audiences where clarity is paramount.

55 Inch TV Rental

55-inch TV strikes the perfect balance between size and versatility. It’s best for your corporate event meetings to parties. Whether corporate or private, our 55-inch TV screens deliver crisp and detailed visuals without overwhelming your space.

50 Inch TV Rental

Our compact 50-inch TV screen is perfect for any event, such as a trade show booth or breakout session. It offers impressive visuals without sacrificing mobility or convenience.

43 Inch TV Rental

43-inch TV display is best for small events or gatherings. Our sleek, stylish 43-inch TV screen rental is the best choice for any intimate gathering, as it offers a vibrant display to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Transparent Pricing

When it comes to pricing, we believe in transparency. When you contact us for our TV Rental, our team will provide a detailed quotation for your event requirements. The prices depend upon the screen size, number of days, other rented items, and transportation costs.

Opting for non-fixed collection slots is always slightly less expensive and budget-friendly. We have kept some great discounts if you want an extended rental period.

Contact our experts today and create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Quality Tests and Setup

Before we dispatch your rental TV, our technicians pass it through rigorous quality checks, ensuring a seamless experience. We take complete responsibility for transporting the TV and all the other equipment in the package to your event venue. But our commitment doesn’t end right there. We send a team of technicians who go the extra mile to make your work easy by handling the entire setup process with precision and care. From unloading to installation, we will have your TV up and running so you can focus on doing the major work.

During setup, if you want to utilize the rental TV as a smart one, our team will log you into the streaming service of your choice and make it ready to use. If you require a portrait TV for a digital signage screen, our technicians will adjust the TV orientation to offer a splendid display solution. We request our customers to request these requirements beforehand so we can send the right person for the right job to our team without you having to wait or face any issues.

Enjoy the smart TV experience perfect for conferences, product launches, seminars, promo events, and private gatherings like weddings.

Daniel Lay Event Services is your trusted partner in TV rentals in London. When you rent the television from us, you can trust that every detail is carefully managed and considered, allowing you to enjoy a seamless and stress-free event experience. We always prioritize our customer’s satisfaction and are committed to providing a lasting impression to your audience.

Contact us today to rent a TV for your special event:

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