Monogram Projection – Gobo Projector Hire

Are you looking to add a special touch to your event in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex or Essex?

Image Projection hire and Monogram Projection Hire are the way forward in giving your event the extra finishing element you are looking for. We can produce a customised gobo disk which is inserted into our lights, this is then projected against a surface of your choice. This means you can have a logo, name, special date, personalised message and much more projected at your wedding, party or event.

What is Monogram Projection or Image Projection?

Monogram lighting also known as image projection is created using a gobo and a special gobo projector. A gobo is a small disc that is inserted into a special gobo projector. You can project your monogram, logo, names, wedding date, or virtually anything else on a surface for a special effect.

We use the latest LED high intensity bulbs in our projectors meaning that there is very little heat emitted from the units. They can be safely used in any dry environment, just ask us for more information.

What uses and types of events can Monogram Projection or Image projection be used at?

Monogram projection can be used at any event ranging from:

Weddings: To project anything from your names, wedding date, pattern or a special message.

Corporate and company events: To project a company logo, slogan, date and more onto a surface of your choice.

Birthday Parties: A perfect way to project the birthday hosts name and or date onto the dance floor, ceiling or wall.

Product Launches and Fashion Shows: Project a logo or text onto a stage area, ceiling or even catwalk.

Christmas Parties: Rotating or static snowflakes, wrapped present parcels and more to fit the theme of the event.

We can project onto anything from a curtain, wall, ceiling, swimming pool, stage, backdrop, dance floor and much more.

What Colours can we project your image in?

We have a range of colour gels which can be used in combination with our gobo disks to project in the colour of your choice.

If your logo or item you require projecting has multiple colours this can also be projected using a customised multi coloured gobo disk at an additional charge.

Can the size of the projection be changed?

Our gobo projectors can be manually focussed using a simple focus on the front, if you want a larger image simply position the unit closer to the desired projection surface. For a smaller projection place the unit further away. Some of our light fixtures also have electronic zoom and focus.

If you have any questions about image projection in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex please get in contact with us now. We will be happy to answer any questions and discuss how we can help bring your event to life.

Unlike many gobo or monogram projectors we use lightweight LED fixtures, these can be positioned virtually anywhere. The LED lamps consume an extremely low amount of power and emit even less heat. We can project your image onto a wall, ceiling, dance floor or even swimming pool. The possibilities are endless with Monogram and gobo projection in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.






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