Graphic Equalizer Hire – Rent A Professional Graphic EQ

Graphic Eq Hire provides a fantastic addition to an analogue sound desk. The benefit of using a graphic EQ rather than a sound desk alone is the ability to adjust specific frequencies. Traditional EQ’ing on an analogue desk is restricted to a small frequency range.

A professional Graphic EQ allows precision adjustment to enhance the sound in any room.

The Opal FCS-966 has separate LF and HF contour filters which can change the sound balance without negatively impacting room or loudspeaker response. This particular unit also has a high pass filter which can reduce the low end frequencies output to the room. 

BSS FCS-966 Opal 31 Band Graphic Equalizer Hire:

BSS Graphic EQ Hire in London

The BSS FCS-966 is the equalizer of choice for sound engineers and musicians. Professional high pass frequency, additional gain control plus much more.

Equaliser of choice for use with a range of analogue sound desks.

Brand: BSS

Model: FCS 966 Pearl

Type: Constant Q Graphic EQ

Day Price: £40+VAT

  • More Gain Control Per Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • Metering
  • Centre Bypass
  • Input/Outputs
  • Relay Bypass
  • LF Contour/HF Contour
  • Gain
  • CLIP Detector
  • LED Level Meter

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