Furniture is a must have item for any event. Whether you are planning a party, wedding or event, furniture should always be considered in your initial planning process.
Furniture hire has benefits other than creating a comfortable & practical seating area. Your guests may get tired during the event, furniture provides another place to relax. Furniture also helps to compliment a theme or style. Here are some reasons to consider adding furniture hire in Kent to your event in Sevenoaks.

Creating The Wow Factor

Adding furniture creates the “wow” factor! You can  continue a theme throughout your venue with furniture that complements decoration.  Whether you are creating a more traditional or modern twist, the furniture can bring your theme to life.


Ensuring Guests Are Comfortable:

When hosting an event you should ensure the guests are your top priority.  If guests become tired and restless, chances are they will leave the event early.  That is why it is important to provide relaxing setting with comfortable furniture. This will make your guests want to stay longer and ensure they have a great time. Creating a balance with the right amount and type of furniture is key to your events success.

Create Atmosphere

When hosting your event, seating and flow are almost as important as the event itself.  It is important to create an atmosphere where people can move around and sit freely. It is also important not to add too much furniture as this could prevent guests dancing in the evening or encourage them to sit down more than you might wish for. 

Depending on your event, you might have various add ons such as a buffet, dance floor, bar or even a chill out space.  Adding some stylish furniture can provide ample seating whilst maintaining a comfortable look and feel.
Benefits of Outdoor Furniture:
Outdoor furniture can help you expand your event space making the venue feel much larger.  It is also a great way for guests to enjoy some fresh air while taking a break from the main event inside.
Outdoor Furniture Includes Inflatable Sofas, Bean Bags, Deck Chairs, LED cubes and Rattan Seating.
We offer a range of furniture for parties and events in Sevenoaks, Weald, Riverhead, Shoreham & Otford.


LED Furniture Hire Sevenoaks
Light up LED Furniture is weather resistant glowing furniture for outdoors and indoor use. It has a range of uses including 70’s, Neon/UV and Rave Themed Parties. This also looks great at any occasion as it can be set to any colour to match a look or theme.


We stock 6ft or 4ft rectangular trestle tables. These trestle tables have lots of uses including buffet tables, party tables and more. Black or white covers are available.


 Compact, yet practical banqueting chairs, these are a great option with trestle tables. These chairs are also great for conferences or meetings.
Inflatable Sofa Hire Sevenoaks
Inflatable sofas are a fun, yet practical seating solution. These sofas are firm, comfortable and resemble the popular chesterfield style. You can use these sofas outdoors too, due to their waterproof plastic material.
Great for summer events or beach themed parties. Our high quality traditional deck chairs will be a hit with your guests. 


Comfortable and relaxed seating, bean bags are a fun option for any event.

Garden parties, corporate events, weddings and all other summer events can benefit from bean bags.



Rattan Garden Furniture Hire Sevenoaks
Popular and traditional wicker style garden furniture hire in Sevenoaks. This is a popular choice for weddings, outdoor parties and events.


Luxurious chairs for private parties and weddings in Surrey. Chiavari chairs feature a padded cushion and practical backrest. Available in limeash (ivory) or Ghost (clear).


Round banqueting tables are suitable for a variety of occasions including weddings and corporate events in Sevenoaks. We stock both loose white linen or stretch black covers

Daniel Lay Event Services provide furniture hire in Sevenoaks and surrounding areas including Borough Green, Otford, Tonbridge, Weald & Riverhead.

If you would like a quote please get in touch with us. We also offer a range of other services including lighting hire, speakers/AV, bar staff and more.