Date: 11th June 2024

Posted by: Daniel Lay Team

How to Select the Perfect Tables and Chairs for Your Event

Older people and children always need a chair at a birthday party, wedding, or any other family function. They also feel more at ease when they are seated at a table with friends while having a conversation or having their meals. If you are organizing an event and are unsure whether your current furniture would be adequate for all the guests, then it would be wise to hire tables and chairs from a party rental service.

Renting furniture is quite convenient and affordable for events. It provides many choices that will make the event beautiful and comfortable for the guests. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the furniture getting spoiled or where to put it after the event.

This blog will help you understand how to choose the right tables and chairs for your special occasion. Read to discover everything you should know before renting furniture for your event!

Why Should You Rent Tables and Chairs for Your Event?

We’ve already mentioned comfort and convenience as major reasons for hiring tables and chairs for your event. However, there are other factors as well, such as:

  • Creating an Appealing Environment: Fancy furniture helps spruce up the ambiance, whether it’s your front yard or living room. Beautiful tables and chairs with matching linens help create strong visuals, so you’ll not need much decoration as well. Moreover, when your guests feel accommodated, they’ll loosen up and enjoy themselves no matter where they are.
  • Elevating the Setting: If you have a particular vision for your event, then the relevant tables and chairs will make your event stand out. You can choose colorful linens and sofas for a birthday party, and go for a sleeker look for a wedding reception.
  • Saving Money and Time: Table and chair hire companies such as Daniel Lay Event Services are affordable in many ways. They eliminate the cost of purchasing extra furniture, transporting it to your venue, and storing it. Moreover, the time you’ll waste in shopping for furniture and setting it around your venue will also be saved.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Tables and Chairs for Your Event

The kind of tables and chairs you select must be comfortable, convenient, and suit the ambiance of your event. They should also fall within your budget. Here are the important factors to consider when you are choosing furniture for your event:

The Type of Event

The type of tables and chairs you choose depends a lot on whether the occasion is formal or not. Is it a family party with friends and relatives or someone’s wedding where the closest friends and co-workers are invited?
Let’s say you’re hosting a cocktail party, which is quite informal. Your guests may only require end tables or bar tables. But for an anniversary dinner, guests will require proper round tables to sit and eat comfortably.

The Type of Event

The Requirement of Your Guests

Understanding the requirements of your guests is very important for hiring adequate tables and chairs. Will your event include older family members and loved ones or moms with kids who will require somewhere comfortable to sit? Will your event host individuals who might need a space to place their laptops or files? These questions will help you decide how to hire tables and chairs.

The Ages and Disabilities of Your Guests

When arranging a birthday party for toddlers, you must ensure that you have enough comfortable chairs and tables of an appropriate size for the kids and their parents. Similarly, for elder individuals, you need to make sure that the placement of chairs and tables does not hinder wheelchair movement or walkers.

The Type of Venue and Space Available

Is your event to take place indoors or outdoors? Exactly how much room do you have for the convenient positioning of furniture that will not interfere with the movement of your guests? These aspects are relevant in defining how many tables and chairs can be easily accommodated in your event so as not to congest the venue.

The Number of Tables and Chairs

Remind your guests about your party a few days before the event and re-check for their attendance before sourcing furniture to rent for the occasion. To avoid under-booking or overloading furniture make sure to present the table and chair hire company with a revised fresh copy of the list of guests.

The Cost of Renting Tables and Chairs

Yes, the cost of hiring fancy tables and chairs is much less than purchasing furniture and then having to store it. However, you must consider extra charges for delivering the furniture and setting it up at your venue.
Moreover, there is a possibility that the furniture might get damaged during the event, which might incur added costs. Carefully consider all these aspects when choosing a rental service. Compare quotations and find the most affordable and reasonable service for your event.

The Hire Company’s Rental Agreement

Last but not least, go through the company’s rental agreement before making a deal. Look for important aspects like:

  • Will the company pick up the furniture after the event is over or will you have to return it to their warehouse?
  • Who is responsible for fixing broken items?
  • Does the company have an insurance policy to cover unforeseen damages to the furniture?

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Tables and Chairs for Your Event

These helpful tips will help you select the best-suited tables and chairs for your event:

Prefer Comfort and Functionality

Instead of focusing on glamour, prefer comfortable chairs and provide sufficient padding and support to seat guests conveniently for several hours. Similarly, choose tables of the adequate size and height for your event; cocktail parties can have bar tables, while dinner events must have round or rectangular tables.

Coordinate the Furniture with the Colour and Aesthetic of the Event

Your event’s colour scheme should match the colour scheme of your tables and chairs. Rental companies offer a selection of different colours and designs, so select furniture that complements the appearance and style of your event’s decoration.
If you want an elegant look for your wedding photos, wooden or resin chairs are more elegant than metal furniture.

Coordinate the Furniture with the Colour and Aesthetic of the Event

Check the Quality and Maintenance of the Furniture

Ensure you inspect the table and chairs for quality and condition before they are brought to your event. All objects need to be sanitized, durable, and in good condition. Review the rental company’s maintenance and cleaning procedures in advance to prevent any issues on the main day.

Confirm Availability and Book Early

Common rental items like furniture get booked quickly, especially during peak seasons. Once you’ve selected the best tables and chairs for your event, make sure you contact your selected rental company and secure reservations about three to six months in advance, depending on the type of event. This will also allow the rental company enough time to get your items ready.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to hire beautiful and fashionable tables and chairs that will make your event stand out, rent from Daniel Lay Event Services. Our exquisite warehouse is filled with many amazing choices, from comfortable classic chairs to designer tables suitable for every kind of event and budget. Contact us today and let’s bring your vision to life!